To Transform the lives of the least fortunate children who do not have parents to have a new ray of hope for a better future by providing:

  1. Affections, caring, discipline, and teaching Spiritual values.
  2. Quality education to make them great leaders and responsible people
  3. To bring transformation and peace to our society by caring these unfortunate children who otherwise may
  4. Become anti-social elements.
  5. Bring up the underprivileged children and help them to grow with right/positive attitude to life.
  6. To nurture them physically, mentally and spiritually to help them make right decisions in life.

Thus, WCF works with its motto, “ENTRUSTED TO TRANSFORM LIVES.”

These girls have their uncles and aunts, an agreement is signed with them during admission as WCF do not adopt these girls, the guardians shall visit these girls every four months and that the girls shall be sent in their homes during vacations and on completion of their studies the girls shall go back to be with their relatives.