WCF does not have any regular support, however SBI is supporting 9 girls @ INR 500/- per month, 2 churches are supporting 3 girls, few families sponsor about 10 girls @ INR 20000/- annually. Apart from these few well-wishers come forward to contribute according to their choice.

The Adoption Agency is sponsored by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India. However, we have not received fund since September 2014. These has affected the smooth running of the orphanage.


  1. WCF’s own campus and infrastructure for Office, the Orphanage and the Adoption Agency.
  2. Residential School to be able to provide charitable services to the poor and deprived children.
  3. Transportation such as School Bus, Pick up for marketing purpose, Ambulance for providing service to pregnant women and infants during rescue trips and also vehicle for staff on duty.
  4. Daily needs for the orphanage / educational expenses for both school going and college going girls.
  5. Mobile Medical Service Unit for poor children who can not travel for medical treatment in the rural places.