Our Vision

A New Vision and Establishment of Wondang-Ki Model Orphanage for Girls

During his service to the poor children from 2001-06, he discovered that the orphan girls are more vulnerable than the boys, as ever one wanted to keep them in their homes with the motive to make them either a domestic help or a baby sitter and in most cases they are deprived of their basic needs and further exploited in varied ways.

As a result, the Foundation began a model orphanage exclusively for girls to give them opportunity to TRANSFORM their lives by providing homely care and best of education. WCF works with its motto, “Entrusted to Transform Lives.” Thus WCF take enormous responsibility to see that an orphan girl who comes to us is well taken care of to ensure that a new ray of hope for a better future is provided with the best of education, facilities and opportunities that will equip them to be confident enough to face any tough competition in the future.

It was also observed that, while many children homes are run exceedingly well, there are children homes that are run in a very pathetic condition where children are not given what they rightfully deserved as children, education is not their priority, they are further deprived and exploited in the children homes. Hence, WCF attempts to set a standard for the orphanage with its goal, “A Home That Strike a Difference from the Rest” the objective here is to motivate other children home to develop a sense of competitions among the children homes which will bring reformation to the children homes that will ultimately benefit the needy children.